Long time, no update

So after 6 months of too much work and a cross-country move, I’m finally getting settled into my new house and back to the project. More updates to come very soon!

Staining and Top Coat In Progress…

Staining and coating is in process, should hopefully start wiring by the weekend.

Table Fabrication Complete!

So the fabrication of the table is now complete and will be delivered to me today! Time to start fitting and layout of all the components. I’ve now fitted all the hardware and took a couple more pictures of the process:

Next is staining or painting, I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

Table Fabrication Underway

The fabrication and woodwork of the table is finally underway. Since I don’t have the proper tools where I’m located at the moment, I enlisted a colleague for the woodworking part of the project. It’s coming along quite nicely…

I’ll have more photos up within the next week or two as I start progression on the hardware installations.

Button Mappings & Arduino Sketch

I created a basic spreadsheet cross-reference for MAME’s keyboard inputs to correlate to the code for the Arduino sketch. You can view the xls file here.

I have also modified the original Wayne & Layne Arduino sketch that they provided, which I uploaded to Pastebin andĀ  is available here. There is extra code that I left in place that they used for LEDs. At this point I won’t be using them but the code remains intact just in case.

Dimensional Drawing for Table

I have made a drawing for the table which can be found here (PDF). Below is just a quick image for it…

The 3D model was made in Autodesk Inventor and can be downloaded here, I can do other formats if requested

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Table Render Mock-Up

Here’s a quick first render of the table, I might change the button layout to a rounded more ergonomic positioning. I might also add a couple sunken cup-holders to decrease some human factors.

The top of the table will be hinged for easy access to all the internal hardware. Will have to do some kind of kickstand to hold the top up so I can work on the insides.

Hello world!

Welcome… I’ll be using this blog to post status and progress of a new project I’m starting. It will be a wireless coffee table with built in arcade controlsĀ  for controlling a computer running MAME. I initially planned on making a full-size arcade cabinet but due to moving a lot for work I decided to make something a bit more compact and moveable.

Here are the components I plan on using for this project:

  • Custom made coffee table
  • 2 Joysticks
  • 3″ Trackball
  • 14-16 Push buttons
  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • Bluetooth Arcade Controller from Wayne & Layne
  • BT dongle for computer
  • 6x AA Power supply for most of the hardware
  • 5v Power supply for Trackball

The computer is an HTPC I built that is running linux and has all required software already configured so I wont be covering that part as much. Anyway, hope this will help someone wanting to do something similar.


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